Origin of Names – Example

Where do names originate from?

A quick example off the ‘top of my head’ —


Franklin = has a Middle English origin, meaning “Free landowner”.

Delano = de la Noye:[is of Old French origin][meanings: Of the night|Alder grove.]

* Respelling of French De la Noye, habitational name, with the preposition de, for someone from any of various places called La Noue or La Noƫ.

Roosevelt = [Dutch origin] meaning, from the ‘rose field’ [or field of roses]:

* An Anglicized version of the Dutch surname VAN ROSEVELT, meaning “of the rose field.”

From reading this you can see that Franklin D. Roosevelt had a varied genealogy — English, French, and Dutch (or German).

Also, from the readings I have been doing about various European Protestant groups, Scottish Crypto-Jews, Sephardic Jews, and French Huguenot surnames. Many of whom were ‘forced’ to leave Europe because of the differing religious or political views.

He could/can have very well had genetic/ancestral “ties” to many of these cultural/genetic groups.

I do know that he is a very distant cousin on my tree — plus he is related to many of the other (previous) presidents of the United States; either by blood or by marriage.

Just a quick note of what you can find out about historical figures (you did not already know) by doing extended family tree research, and surname origins.

More later.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy


Swain-Spruill – Kinfolks, photo 1910

Mary Jane Swain Alexander

Mary Jane Swain
Alexander & Family

Photo Circa 1910

Back: from left to right;
Thede Alexander,
Ida Mae Swain Spruill,
Isoline Alexander,

Front: from left to right;

Bud Abbey Swain?,
(brother to Mary Jane Swain Alexander ?)

Jordon Alexander,
Mary Jane Swain Alexander,
Arthur Alexander,
Travis Swain.

Mahala Sprewell – Wolf Creek, Alabama

More on my SPREWELL’s in SC-GA-AL

My 4th Gr-G.mother was MAHALA SPREWELL (b.1793, Laurens
Co,SC- d.1818, Lowndesville,Anderson Co,SC). She died as
a young mother, and her husband Alexander CULBERTSON
re-married, later moving to (west GA); then into AL (St.Clair Co, Wolf Creek area).
Later some descendants mar. into my GRIMES & MARTIN lines that moved west from there into Shelby Co,AL.

Godfrey Sprewell, NC

Page 80 Mar. 25, 1707 – Samuel BOUTWELL and Anna MARITTA, my wife, relict of Jno. STUART, deceased, to “our fond father Godfrey SPREWELL? – 16 pounds – 300 acres in Scopernong in Precinct of Chowan “being a gift of our aforesaid father to the aforesaid John STEWART and Anna MARETTA, the then wife to said STUART by deed of gift Mar. 26, 1701.” Witness: Samuel S. BREVETT, John YALE Acknowledged at court at Bath Town Oct. 8, 1707.

Godfree Sprewell, NC

Joel & John Davenport – Colonial Records NC

Godfrey Spruill settled on the Albemarle…

Teague (3rd) Riggin – Maryland

Riggin pg 1 of 2

3. RIGGIN, Teague(III) b. c. 1698 d 1743 m. Mary (TOWNSEND q.v.?) Mary was sister to Amie Townsend Riggin who married Teague’s brother Charles . q.v.

w.d.13 Jan 1743/4 Somerset Co., Md.probated in , 23 Feb1743/4 Somerset Co., MD. wife, Mary, and left her benefit of all houses possessed on land called “Middle Plantation,” 1/3 part of land during her widowhood, Negroes Quaks and Dina, riding horse and oldest of gray mares, and named her executrix. To son, Teague, he left land and houses on “Middle Plantation,” Negro boy Howbourn, pistols & holsters, case of bottles and desk. James got lands and premises on the easternmost side of Dividing Creek purchased from Somerset Donnohoe, 1/2 of 10 acres of land purchased from George Benston, mill on land purchased of Donnohoe, Negro boy Cesar and young gray mare, gun and a desk. Daughter Elizabeth Townsend got Negro boy Adam, livestock and a chest which “is now at her house.” Daughter, Sarah, received Negro boy Harry; Grace got Negro boy Jonas, Rebecckah got Negro boy Jacob and Mary got Negro girl Patience. Witnesses: Arthur Warwick, John Phillips and John Benson.

Teague Riggin(s) – Land Patent

Maryland State Archives, Somerset County Circuit Court, Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats

Patented Certificate 1391 1749/03/22 Last Choice, Teague Riggins, 18 Acres 3 0