William A. Spruill Will Jan 14, 1888


Source: William A. Spruill Will Jan 14, 1888

Spruill Inventors


If any of these inventors are your ancestors and you are interested in obtaining a copy of their patent, visit the US Patent and Trademark Office web site.

Shepherd R. Spruill, W. R. Wood, and P. E. Smith of Scotland Neck, NC received patent #184553 on 21 Nov 1876 for an Electric-light buoy

Jeptha Spruill of Oswego, KS received patent #214963 on 29 Apr 1879 for a Vapor-bath

William R. Spruill, Sr. and William R. Spruill, Jr. of Edenton, NC received patent #634150 on 3 Oct 1899 for a Ball bearing for vehicle wheels

William R. Spruill, Sr. and William R. Spruill, Jr. of Columbia, NC received patent #668590 on 19 Feb 1901 for a Ball bearing for vehicle wheels

Moye W. Spruill of Plymouth, NC recieved patent #1887906 on 15 Nov 1932 for a Shoe shining machine

Wallace L. Spruill of Inglewood, CA received patent #1932123 on 24 Oct 1933 for a Card holder

Leslie J. Spruill and John D. Russ of Norfolk, VA received patent #2537707 on 9 Jan 1951 for Running board and steps for trucks


Source: Spruill Inventors

Simeon Spruill Will Jan 2, 1796


Source: Simeon Spruill Will Jan 2, 1796

John Spruill Will – 1808 SC

SPRUILL FAMILY WILLSJOHN SPRUILLJanuary 5, 1808In the name of God Amen, The twenty fifth of January in the year of our Lord 1808, I JOHN SPRUILL in the District of Abbeville being very sick & weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory, Thanks be giving unto God. Knowing that it is appointed for all men Once to dye, do make & ordain this my last will & testament that is to say principally and first of all I give & recommend my soul into the hands of God and for my body I recommend it to the yearth to be buried in a Christian like manner. And as touching such worldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise of the same in the following manner and form, Imprimis, it is my will and I do order that all my just debts be paid and satisfied.ITEM I give and bequeath unto RUTH my Dear beloved wife all his goods & chattels that she brought on my premises when we was married also fifty acres of land lying the north side of the creek where I now live, adjoining land belonging to WILLIAM LORD and the MITCHELLS during her life or widowhood at which time the said Land is to be Equally Divided amongest my children,ITEM I give unto my sons THOMAS & GABRIEL at the end of six years a good horse to each of them one good feather bed and furniture to each of them & one good cow a peace, and what is left of my Estate it is my will it should be sold on a credit of two years and the money Equally Divided between my twelve children (viz) WILLIAM, GEORGE, LUKE, SIMEON, JOHN, POLLY, SAMUEL, JEPTOR, NANCY, SALLY, THOMAS & GABRIEL. also it is my will that the lawfill heirs of my Daughter PEGGY should have a Equal share of the Money that is Raised out of my Estate with my twelve children, (viz) her heirs to have one thirteenth part of my Estate.

Source: John Spruill Will – 1808 SC

Ida Mae Swain Spruill & Virginia Spruill Lassiter McLawhorn

On Left
Ida Mae Swain Spruill
(?? – 16 Jan 1964)
wife of Fernando Cortes Spruill
On Right
Virginia Spruill Lassiter McLawhorn
daughter of Ida Mae and Fernando Cortes Spruill
photo taken about 1948

Source: Ida Mae Swain Spruill & Virginia Spruill Lassiter McLawhorn

Hezekiah Spruill Will December 3, 1831


Source: Hezekiah Spruill Will December 3, 1831

Godfrey Spruill Will August 5, 1718

SPRUILL FAMILY WILLSGodfrey SpruillAugust 5, 1718

Source: Godfrey Spruill Will August 5, 1718