Spruiell and Related families – Family Tree

Spruiell and Related families — family tree site

Source: Spruiell and Related families – Family Tree


g, Spear, Spears, Speed, Speer, Speere, Speers, Speir, Spier, Sprayberry, Spruiell


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Sproul Name Meaning and Origin – Ancestry.com

Sproul Name Meaning and History —

Scottish: unexplained. The derivative ending in -s may be patronymic, in which case this is from an otherwise unrecorded medieval personal name.

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Spruiells Family Tree — by: “Family Tree Guide”

Spruiells Family Tree – Top 100 Surnames

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[A small group of representative surnames will be added, shortly]

1. Spruill (118)
2. Carter (82)
3. Justice (67)
4. Clinkscales (60)
5. MEADOWS (56)
6. Cox (52)
7. Speer (43)
8. Davis (32)
9. Settle (30)
10. Spruiell (26)
11. Carmichael (22)
12. Hayne (22)
13. Suttle (22)
14. Skipwith (22)
15. Spruill-Spruiell (21)
16. Jennings (20)
17. Browne (20)
18. Lucius (19)
19. Franklin (17)
20. Pickard (17)
21. Thompson (16)
22. Beverly (13)
23. Swain (12)
24. Johnson (11)
25. Gambrell (10)

[more to come…]

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